Adams Township Clerk Files MASSIVE Election Legal Complaint Against Crooked SoS Benson

Adams Township Clerk Files MASSIVE Election Legal Complaint Against Crooked SoS Benson

The Adams Township Clerk Stephanie Scott has filed a BOMBSHELL election legal complaint against Michigan's ultra crooked, radical leftist Secretary of State (SoS) Jocelyn "the Crooked One" Benson. Additional defendants in this case include Jonathan Brater (Michigan’s Director of Elections), the Michigan State Police, and the Hillsdale County Clerk Marney Kast.

Well done Stephanie, we salute you!! Any SoS who didn't notice the massive, early morning, statistically impossible, election outcome altering vote spike injections on the early morning of November 4, 2020 is either utterly stupid and incompetent at her job, or alternatively (and far worse), fully understood these voting spikes. She would have had to have been the stupidest SoS in the history of the universe to have missed these voting spikes. And she's not stupid.

According to the legal complaint, Clerk Scott was elected on November 3, 2020. The legal complaint's content claims that the Hillsdale County Clerk Kast interfered with Adams Township Clerk Scott in the conduct of her duties as clerk. This usurping of Clerk Scott's duties and responsibilities included "taking and commandeering all ballots, election equipment, VAT touch screens, tabulators, etc., and their internal data from Plaintiff."

Uhh, what? Is this some sort of joke?

The legal complaint indicates that the defendants removed Clerk Scott from her position as well.

The legal complaint discusses contracts made between Hillsdale County and Hart InterCivic:

"In 2017 each township in Hillsdale County, along with the County itself, signed a contractual agreement with Hart InterCivic to purchase election equipment (Tabulator / Scan Units (TSU’s)), software, and maintenance services."


"The contract was to begin on January 1, 2018 and continue for a period of 10 years, to include the November 2020 general election."

"The TSU’s, their attendant equipment, including, inter alia, flash drives, electronic pollbooks, laptops, modems, and software, are designed to record votes cast for elections in the State of Michigan."

"On October 29, 2021, Trooper Barkley presented a signed search warrant and sought to conduct a search for and obtain custody and possession over the TSU being kept secure by Plaintiff Scott in her office at the Adams Township Town Hall."

"Trooper Barkley went into Plaintiff’s office and with the County Treasurer and opened a locked cabinet containing sensitive and federally protected election data and information (the TSU), and removed the property, documents, and information (including the TSU with its attendant software, programs, and data), all of which was required to be sealed, preserved, and retained by federal law). See MCL 41.65 to 41.69; 52 USC § 20701; 52 USC § 20702."

Translation: The Michigan State Police used a criminal search warrant to enter into Clerk Scott's office to forcefully confiscate the vital, lawfully protected election data. Whether or not this action was legal will hopefully be determined by the proceedings of this legal complaint.

Look, we all support our police. But ultimately, these fine men and women in blue have a choice to make: Obeying unlawful, unconstitutional orders is their decision. Their oath was to the Constitution, the same one made by public servants, by officers of the court, and by the military.

Their oath was not to support and defend tyrants and election thieves. If they receive an order that is unlawful and unconstitutional, are they legally obligated to obey? Spoiler: No, they are not.

Here's a really, really interesting point that will really make your wheels spin: If the ones issuing orders to the Michigan State Police were elected through illegal, illegitimate, fake elections, then wouldn't all of their orders to these fine men and women in blue by default also be illegal?

Also from the legal complaint's content:

"Hart admits that the information it has on the machines can be manipulated, changed, erased, or modified before, during and after an election without anyone knowing what changes were truly made.  Moreover, Hart admits that their voting machines transmit election results over the internet to a centralized location – meaning that they admit that voting machines can and do connect with an outside network before, during and after an election. (Exhibit 6, pp. 45-55)."

"Despite this, and her knowledge of these threats, Defendants Benson and/or Brater has ordered that all tabulators and USB’s be wiped or deleted of data and information, to include images of ballots and/or write-in votes."

"Moreover, Defendant Benson has failed to test the vendor source code as required in Michigan at least annually, failed to do so for the November 3, 2020 election, and further admits that only the vendors have access to the source code."

"Election equipment, ballots, and information were removed from Plaintiff’s Office, at the direction of the Defendants Benson and Brater, by Defendants Dane and Kast."

"Defendants had the audacity to send a letter to Ms. Scott purporting to have the authority to relieve her of her duties as a constitutional officer."

We all need to get over the idea that the office of the Michigan Secretary of State is above reproach. We also very strongly all need to get over the idea that this official Michigan government office (the Secretary of State) that oversees statewide elections committing illegal, unlawful election thievery and cover up is inconceivable, or unimaginable, just because they occupy official Michigan government positions.

We understand that a betrayal of this magnitude would be incredibly, incredibly, incredibly difficult to fathom. The 1776 founders of this great country also faced a very similar situation regarding the British Monarchy at the time. Review the evidence, come to your own conclusions.

Do you want to live a lie, or do you want to live in truth? As Morpheus from the Matrix movie said, do you want the red pill, or the blue pill?

The choice is yours, friend.

We here at EIF value the truth over lies and deceit.

We've been studying this election fraud evidence for over a year, so this type of news isn't as shocking anymore.

However, if you're wondering how do we fix this, here's the answer: Start by understanding and acknowledging the problem.

Fully restoring election integrity back into our elections isn't going to happen overnight. The first step is to research the hard evidence of election fraud & corruption (available on our EIF website), acknowledge the problem, and then raise massive awareness about this serious problem currently in existence in the state of Michigan (and in many other states as well).

Feel free to subscribe to EIF for more updates. There are lawful ways to rectify this problem, thankfully our Constitution allows for relief of grievances and serious corruption, but the court of public opinion (including your conversations with others about this) is vital for meaningful, lawful remedy through the judicial system (the courts) and the legislature.

Here's the full legal complaint:


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