The Election Integrity Force and the Election Integrity Fund are conglomerate, non-profit organizations formed by citizens concerned with attempts to subvert the integrity of our elections.


Ensure transparent and trusted elections


Initiated, developed, and coordinated a program to train hundreds of recruited poll challengers for 2020 election

Raised and donated substantial funds to support the Antrim County election case

Recruited volunteers to assist with the Antrim County case

Coordinated issuance of 83 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for data from all county voting machines

Assisted in the development of multiple state coalitions to work on election integrity efforts

Instrumental in the development of and guidance for other states’ election integrity efforts

Participated in national efforts to bring transparency and trustworthiness to election integrity in multiple states


Advocate and educate for legislation and processes to deliver election integrity

Guiding Principles

Transparency and trustworthiness

Non partisan (no political party ties)

No promotion of individual candidates

No illegal activity

No subversion of election processes

Promotion of legal voter rights and accurate counts

Focus on the good of the country 


Building mass awareness on systemic election fraud

Driving forward the legal processes for full 100% forensic audits of fraudulent elections

Canvassing legislators

Analysis of election data for detection of fraud

Driving forward the process of decertification of fraudulent elections

Restoring rightfully elected office holders into office

Exposing corruption and fraud in elections

Additional election integrity efforts