Michigan Election Evidence: Cyber Fraud

Michigan Election Evidence: Cyber Fraud

According to the graphical data above, early on November 4, 2020, there was a sudden injection of 384,733 ballots into the Michigan state voting tally across 4 Michigan counties (Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, and Kent) which illegally altered the outcome of the election in favor of Biden.

However, in a timespan of a few hours, the physical limitations of the election counting equipment at these locations would have allowed a maximum of 94,867 ballots to be counted, so 289,866 more ballots were "processed" than physically possible.

This is the result of cyber fraud through computers.

According to the Absentee Voting Data above, in 2020 the absentee votes for Democrats were consistently higher then Republicans in almost every single precinct in these three Michigan counties (Ingham, Oakland and Macomb).

In the 2020 data, notice how these two "independent" variables (Democrat Absentee Votes and Republican Absentee Votes) seem to be unnaturally correlated and appear to track one another.

This is an indication of an artificial computer algorithm manipulation, not organic election results.

The 2016 data appears more random and organic.

The reason this fraudulent algorithmic manipulation of the election data is present in 2020, is because the voting machine computers were fully installed across the state in 2018.

The absentee ballots were a key, critical component in the election fraud scheme of the US November 2020 Election.

Feel free to discuss this evidence far and wide to raise awareness on this serious problem in the Michigan election infrastructure

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It does look like the fraud was well planned on a national level. Orchestrated. One example is the Michigan law change to allow eveeryone mail-in voting years earlier and then illegal sending of rquests.

John Liposky

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