Evidence of Election Fraud

Simplified, easy-to-understand analysis of the Michigan election fraud evidence from the US November 2020 Election by EIF Technology Director Randy Schiffer (click image for link):

Wisconsin Legislature Resolution to recall their illegally certified, fraudulent presidential electors from the US November 2020 Election (click image for link):


Hard evidence used in a real lawsuit here in Michigan associated with the US November 2020 Election from the DePerno Antrim County Lawsuit. Exhibits 1 and 2 are good (click image for link):

The AZ full forensic audit is very well defined, it's extremely transparent and there is a lot of information about how this audit was conducted. Actually, their entire forensic audit was live streamed. THIS IS THE SAME TYPE OF FORENSIC AUDIT THAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN IN MICHIGAN!!!! Here is a summary of their audit (click image for link):

This entire audit was prompted by the AZ legislature. Here is a good summary of the Arizona forensic audit report released by the AZ Senate on Friday, Sep 24, 2021 (click image for link):

Mike Lindell's videos analyzing the election fraud evidence; including cyber forensic evidence of election hacking and statistical analysis of official, published election data (click image for link):

Montage of Democrats With Concerns about Voting Machines (click image for link):

Brochure of Michigan Election Evidence. Feel free to print this out and show all of your friends, family, and associates!


There is a massive amount of evidence of rampant, systemic election fraud in MI from the US November 2020 General Election. A full 100% forensic audit of all the ballots, and the voting equipment, is strongly needed here in MI, starting in Wayne County.