Watch, Listen, Learn Then Replace the Voting Machines

Watch, Listen, Learn Then Replace the Voting Machines

We can’t win if we don’t replace the voting machines.
It is as simple as that.”
from Mike Lindell’ s Thanks-a-Thon presentation
This new system could be implemented tomorrow.
We just need the will of the people.”
from Col Shawn Smith’s Colorado Election Security presentation

Personally, I think we are so deep into this corrupted elections system fiasco that it will take the Will of God to get us out of this mess.

While many of us are working hard to try to educate ourselves and then educate our friends and neighbors on the earthly fixes that must be done, we should pray ceaselessly that God will forgive us for allowing this mess to occur in the first place.

In the words of Col James P Waldron, the entire election ‘eco-system’ has to be replaced because the voter rolls, the election management systems, the voting machines, the tabulation machines, the counting/reporting system and the state sponsored so-called audit systems are all baked with vulnerabilities that cannot be tweaked into good use.

How did this happen?

Was this mess created on purpose or have we elected a complete set of morons to positions of limited authority and have they gone even more mad while occupying their cushy seats in our delegated offices?

There can be no reason, there can be no rationale, and there can be no remedy for the men and women who are culpable for the current corrupted state of our election processes, other than to say that their actions border on treason. In my humble opinion, they must be held criminally accountable so that we can save ourselves from their continued incompetence, ignorance and/or malfeasance.

In the meanwhile, summarizing the important work of Col Waldron and Col Smith, our current corrupted election systems have:

  • dirty voter rolls,

  • vulnerable mail-in ballots,

  • unprofessional signature-verification processes,

  • vote counting boxes of which only the vendors have access or knowledge (they call it “proprietary” so they won’t share it with the voters or the voter’s functionaries),

  • foreign access vendor-controlled reporting (so the election clerks and workers don’t really manage the counting) and,

  • non-transparent vendor controlled auditing software.

At every step of the way, vulnerabilities have been built in to make the entire election systems in the United States unusable for any future elections, and the sooner We the People demand an end to the entire elections system, the sooner we might be able to actually Save Our American Republic.

This colossal effort starts at the local level, so the question is, “Will you help us in our effort to entirely REPLACE THE ELECTIONS VOTING SYSTEM in Michigan?’

If so, please contact us at

Thankfully, we are not going to have to re-invent the wheel though because Mike Lindell, Col. Waldron, Col. Smith and their teams of experts have come up with a remarkably easy-to-understand solution that “could be implemented tomorrow” according to Col. Smith.

A lay person’s summary of the details of this new system are as follows:

  • Voter rolls and voting managed at precinct levels ONLY,

  • Eliminate all machines and electronic poll books – a band aid will not end the extreme potential for networked manipulation in these systems,

  • Create counterfeit-proof ballots with secure serial numbering system,

  • In-person voting with voter and citizen-verification ID,

  • Precinct level counting and certification live-streamed and sent to voters and county clerks at the same time. No longer will the data be streamed to a corrupted media first.

These steps seem almost impossible to accomplish all at once, but our cyber-security professionals are assuring us that it would be easier to accomplish than it might seem on first blush AND they are preparing an Action Plan to help us promote and procure this new system.

This Action Plan, which will be made available to the public soon, could truly revolutionize the entire world for the Cause of America.

Are you willing to help change the course of history starting right here in our great State of Michigan?

If so, please join  us as we  

Help to restore integrity into Michigan elections once again!

Join the Force

Fund the Force

Thank you for all that you are doing for ELECTION INTEGRITY.

Best regards,

Your EIF Communications Team
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