The Canvasser vs The State

What happens when every day citizens decide to take action on a right that has been added to the Michigan state constitution?

You might remember that it was the year 2018 when amended language was added to Article II Section 4 Paragraph (h) of the Michigan state constitution that confirmed that election “audits” must be “liberally construed” in the “favor of the voters rights to effectuate its purpose.”

Following is a link to an 11 minute video created by the Freedom Fighters Project called Canvass for Truth in Michigan featuring Ottawa County’s resident Gretchen Cosby conducting her perfectly legal due diligence as a respectful citizen canvasser concerned with the ever mounting evidence of irregularities in the Michigan Qualified Voter Files (QVF) that appear to have been used to perpetrate fraud in the November 2020 elections in Michigan.

In this video you can see the polite process used by the volunteers from the Election Integrity Fund & Force Canvass Project as they seek to verify publicly accessible information with their fellow neighbors.

So what is the big deal?

Well, on the State’s side of the divide between right and wrong, it seems that in response to an ever burgeoning government bureaucracy intent upon busybodying itself with every last minute aspect of the people’s daily lives, Michigan’s potentially defacto attorney general Nessel dreamed up what she called a “Government Imposter Scam” document, dated January 17, 2020, that she recently pulled out of her bag of tricks just in time to possibly intimidate these citizen canvassers from doing their due diligence regarding election integrity.

Of course AG Nessel’s most recent intercession into the legitimate citizen oversight actions of the canvassers started with reports of alleged “citizens inquiries” made to the Ottawa County Clerks Office, who of course immediately published a “press release” dated February 16, 2022, warning all of us about being visited “by individuals claiming to be county employees and seeking to verify residents’ voter information and voting history,” which, of course, is not what is happening with the volunteer Election Integrity Fund & Force canvass project.

Do you seriously think that the men and women who are braving the cold of Michigan winter and the calamity of a potential election coup with all its inherent ramifications would be so stupid as to try to trick people into thinking they were “county employees?” The suggestion is preposterous on the face of it, but it fits perfectly into what might be a typical usurper government scare tactic within the fake news environment that we currently find ourselves in these days.

These brave and hearty men and women of Michigan must actually be directly over the target.

Why else would a government that is instituted to protect our rights, initiate a scheme of suspicion, intimidation and potential adverse legal action by seemingly promoting a warning like this, at this time?

Maybe we should FOIA evidence of these “citizens inquiries” so that we might check the veracity of this couty clerk's claim.

Maybe we should get prepared to help our canvasser friends in case the state uses the force of misdirected law against our canvassers.

Maybe so, but certainly we need to continue to work towards confirming (or disproving) the state’s assertion that the November 2020 election was the most secure election in history.

Keep up the great work, canvassers! We’ve got your back.



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