She's Waiting To See The Data?

She's Waiting To See The Data?

Michigan State Senator Ruth Johnson is “Waiting to See the Data” before She Answers the Question:

Was the November 2020 Election Stolen?

There was an outside protest on a cold Michigan Saturday, February 26, 2022, in Lake Orion.

I was not surprised to see republican state senator Ruth Johnson in attendance. After all, it was an easy photo op and she is up for re-election in November of 2022.

Of course the news media interviewed her, and the crowd gave her an opportunity to express her “resentment” at the Michigan legislature (of which she is a member) as they prepare to vote on a tax increase on Oakland County residents to fund historical museums in Detroit, which is in Wayne County. Isn’t this sort of transfer of wealth considered a form of theft? Yes it is.

After the good senator finished her TV interview, I asked her if she thought the November 2020 election was stolen. It was, I thought, a fair question to ask one of the people who is tasked with protecting and defending the constitution. After all, it seems to me that election integrity is a constitutional issue and state legislatures across this country have plenary, absolute and sole power over elections in our Republic, if I’m reading the constitution correctly, which I am.

Without skipping a beat, she replied, “I am waiting to see the data.” She’s waiting to see the data?

She then scooted away from me and of course the crowd gave her cover because no one should be so rude as to try to corner one of our elected people into answering a yes or no question with a yes or no answer. God forbid.

I feel somewhat differently though, so again I waited my turn and when the time seemed right again I asked her, in front of the crowd: “Do you think that the November 2020 election was stolen?” Again, she replied, “I’m waiting to see the data.” This time I challenged her that this was a yes or no question, but I could not get a yes or no answer from her no matter what I, or others, said to try to convince her to answer a direct question with a direct answer.

The fact that she has free access to “the data” was pointed out to her by a fellow Election Integrity Fund & Force compatriot (as opposed to our having to pay dearly for “the data” – which we have been doing because it is important enough for us to come to a final conclusion about “the data” to spend our hard-earned money to get "the data").

Her diversionary tactics are bad enough, but the most troubling aspect of senator Ruth Johnson’s non-answer is that she was Michigan’s Secretary of State from January of 2011 to January of 2019.

Yes indeed, the lady who probably knows more about election systems and the lady who has more access to and understanding of the data than most anyone else in the state of Michigan would be the same state senator Ruth Johnson. And, trust me, she is no dummy.

We the People might be able to understand why a dairy farmer turned senator named Ed McBroom, who was somehow appointed chair of the senate government oversight committee and who signed his name to the disingenuous senate report on the Michigan election of 2020 that detailed multiple instances of illegalities, vulnerabilities, lack of dedication to process and procedure and yet came to the incredulous conclusion that there was not significant enough evidence of fraud to support giving the people their constitutionally codified audit of the 2020 Michigan election results might not be a data specialist, although I am sure that some dairy farmers are, but for our own former Secretary of State Ruth Johnson, now state senator, who now also chairs the senate elections committee, to not be able or willing to accurately and honestly answer this point blank question about an election that has been shown to be fraught with (can I say it yet) fraud is almost criminal in and of itself.

If state senator Johnson can't give us a yes or no answer as to whether the 2020 election was stolen, maybe it is time we give state senator Johnson her walking papers, so that she might have more time to review "the data" that, by now, is readily available to the world. You should ask her.  Her office phone number is (517) 373-1636.

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