Redistricting: An Opportunity to Clean Up Our Michigan Voter Records!

Redistricting: An Opportunity to Clean Up Our Michigan Voter Records!

Michigan voter registrants across the State of Michigan are receiving new voter registration cards reflecting new US Congressional, Michigan Senate and Michigan House of Representatives Districts.

While current Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson has said that the Michigan voter records are the cleanest they have ever been, we know the reality. The truth is that our Michigan voter rolls remain a bloated mess and Election Integrity Fund & Force believes there are an estimated 1 MILLION illegitimate voters registered in our great State of Michigan.

Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of Michiganders are about to realize just how dirty the voter files are in Michigan. Many of you should expect to receive new voter registration cards for individuals who do NOT live at your address. If you receive a registration card for someone NOT at your address we recommend the following:

  • Election Integrity Fund & Force is attempting to track and log all the invalid registrations. To assist us, please take an image of the registration card and email the image to

  • Print and complete the Affidavit shown below. Do not sign this Affidavit until you are in the presence of a Notary. Take the Affidavit to your local clerk’s office. Sign in the presence of a Notary and submit it at your clerk's office (Be sure to get a date-stamped copy of your Affidavit before you leave the clerk's office)!

  • Please alert your friends and neighbors to this significant registration issue and share these details with them. MAKE IT GO VIRAL!!!

  • Finally, CONTACT YOUR LEGISLATORS and let them know of this problem and ask how they intend to fix it!

Filing the Affidavit will require the township / city clerk to conduct a review. This review will likely include a registered or certified mailing to the non-resident voters last known address – your address. If the non-resident voter does not appear before the clerk in 30 days of the mailing the clerk is required to cancel the registration. Please note that individuals who challenge a voter indiscriminately may be guilty of a misdemeanor. We, therefore, ask that you only submit an address for the NON-RESIDENTS at your household address.

We encourage you to advise your neighbors of this issue and encourage them to file an affidavit for any voter registration card they receive for a NON-RESIDENT at their household address.

Thank you in advance for helping us clean up Michigan! 
Your Election Integrity Force Team

Please right click on this image of the Affidavit to print it out:



PA 116 of 1954

Section 168.512 Challenge of elector; affidavit, contents; answering affidavit; cancellation of registration; indiscriminate challenge, penalty.

Section 512.

Challenge of elector; affidavit, contents; answering affidavit; cancellation of registration; indiscriminate challenge, penalty. Sec. 512. Any elector of the municipality may challenge the registration of any registered elector by submitting to the clerk of that municipality a written affidavit that such elector is not qualified to vote, which affidavit shall specify the grounds upon which the challenged elector is disqualified.

Upon receipt of such affidavit, the clerk shall forthwith send by registered or certified mail to the challenged elector at his registered or last known address a notification of the challenge, which shall include the grounds for such challenge as stated in the affidavit. The challenged elector may within 30 days appear before the clerk and answer the questions and take the oath required of persons challenged on the same grounds at election, or in lieu of appearing in person the challenged elector, within a like period of time, may elect to file with the clerk an affidavit setting forth specifically his qualifications as an elector of the municipality and answering the grounds of the challenge.

If within the 30-day period the person challenged shall fail to appear and be sworn or to file an affidavit, or if his statements do not show him to be a qualified elector of the municipality, the clerk shall forthwith cancel his registration. The 30-day period referred to in this section shall be the 30 days immediately following the date of mailing the notice to the challenged elector.

Any person who shall challenge under the provisions of this section, indiscriminately and without good cause or for the purpose of harassment, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

History:1954, Act 116, Eff. June 1, 1955;-- Am. 1959, Act 48, Eff. Mar. 19, 1959

Popular Name: Election Code


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Please help us by doing this, but understand that you might be charged with a misdemeanor for doing so??? Is that what I’m reading?

Amanda Norton

Where do I start? How can I help? What should I do first of all?

Deeb Hattem (Mr.)

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