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News from EIF - Every Citizens Vote and MUCH MORE - January 2022

Election Integrity Fund & Force

We've been invited to participate in an event in Howell, MI on February 12, 2022, called Every Citizens Vote! 

This is a solutions based forum looking at Election Integrity from a National Security perspective.

Here is a link to the Every Citizens Vote website
Attendance is Limited - Be Sure to Register Today!!
Michigan Grassroots Alliance has the opportunity to get electronic copies of all Detroit Ballots from the November 2020 election. A deposit of $3,212.50 is needed by January 31, 2022, to begin the work. Another $3,212.50 is due once the ballots are ready. We are currently at about $2,850 of the $6,425 goal.
If you are able to contribute, a donation would be very much appreciated.
Additionally, please forward this message and post on social media to spread the word of this important opportunity.
Please donate to:
Thank you for your consideration of this important initiative.
1.) Virginia. In the Senate Privileges & Elections Committee, Senator Jill Vogel (R) passed a bill (SB371) to take away the governor's ability to appoint the Commissioner of the Department of Elections, and instead give the decision to unelected bureaucrats. The bill passed out of committee with bi-partisan support.
2.) Georgia Voter Registration Software. This week, the Georgia Secretary of State's office announced a $3.5M no-bid contract for a new voter registration system in Georgia.
3.) Kentucky Private Funding Language. Here is the link to the Kentucky private funding bill language we discussed with John Hodgson last week.
4.) Michigan Election Fraud Website. I am including the link last week for the new Michigan election integrity website that has a very impressive detailed report on what happened at Detroit's consolidated counting center at TCF Center.
5.) Wisconsin trial court rules against WEC allowing drop boxes in 2020. The court held that the Wisconsin Election's Commission should have gone through the statutorily-required rule-making process and not unilaterally issued guidelines, outside of what the law allowed.
6.) Majority of Americans support increased voter security.
 7.) Joe Biden Questions Whether 2022 midterm election results will be legitimate. When Mr. Biden was asked whether the midterm election results would be legitimate, he responded, "I'm not saying it's going to be legit. The increase in the prospect of [the election] being illegitimate is in direct proportion to us not being able to get [my bill to federalize elections] passed"....
8.) Georgia Bill to Ban Dropboxes. You will remember that the Georgia elections omnibus last year failed to ban dropboxes -- which were one of the largest avenues of fraud in 2020. Senate President Pro Tempore, Butch Miller (R), has introduced SB325 to ban drop boxes.
9.) Arizona Bill to Increase Election Fraud Investigation. State Senator Wendy Rogers (R) has introduced SB1027 to create an investigatory "Bureau of Elections" under the Governor's office to investigate election fraud. The bill allocates $5M to start the Bureau.
10.) MI Ballot Initiative. Secure MI Vote is still collecting signatures for its Constitutional ballot initiative process. This Michigan process bypasses the governor's signature and can allow the legislature to enact specific changes in the law. You can see some of the changes proposed in the synopsis on the signature form.
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