Michigan - Take A Stand At The 2022 Primary

On February 12, 2022, Citizen Leaders from across the State of Michigan joined together in Howell, Michigan for an event called Every Citizens Vote (see https://everycitizensvote.org/).  Election Integrity Fund & Force's talented videographer Jody pulled together a couple of inspiring and informative clips from men and women who want to Save Our American Republic ...

Enjoy Activism - Michigan Style

Janice Daniels - Votes Stolen by Computer Algorithms and Traitors in US Gov't https://youtu.be/UnbZgFjoO8U (4:31)

Sandy Kiesel - Exposes Oakland County, Michigan Bullies https://youtu.be/K6Y-IBqhOrU (8:45)

JD Glaser - The Role of the Michigan Precinct Delegate https://youtu.be/OhmuBRbRVlI (5.46)

Patrick Colbeck - Vilified for Speaking the Truth about Election Fraud https://youtu.be/rcmTGqkLXr8 (2:02)

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