Irrefutable Forensic Evidence Dominion Deleted Election Data

Irrefutable Forensic Evidence Dominion Deleted Election Data

Cyber Symposium Day 2 Recap 1 MESA COUNTY, COLORADO HEROICS

Tina Peters, the Mesa County, Colorado clerk is a heroine and deserves a badge of honor.

Instead she is being practically hunted down, haunted and character assassinated in true totalitarian style by Jenna Griswold, Colorado’s Democrat secretary of state and others, for claims of election data leaks, when in fact what Tina Peters really did was her patriotic duty to America and its election integrity by providing proof of the felonious actions of removing critically important election-related data files (before it is legal to do so) under the guise of supposed “software update maintenance.”

It is Dominion Voting Systems that should be criminally investigated for destroying Mesa County November 2020 elections data on May 25, 2021.

So what is being done? 

Well, Tina Peters might still be in hiding.

Secretary of state Griswold seems to be trying to enact emergency rules that would permanently ban key election audits from ever taking place in Colorado.

Griswold permanently adopting rules blocking Arizona-style audit in Colorado | Elections | coloradopolitics.com

That is a smart move only if you wish to hamper the people’s ability to conduct their required due diligence oversight of government actions.

And it was reported that Tina Peters’ deputy clerk Belinda Knisley was arrested for the incredulous “crime” of trying to print a document at county offices using Peters’ computer credentials 

Remember, this is in an era where we cannot seem to get to the bottom of stolen elections, torched cities, international lockdowns, forced injections, whether we are men or women, child indoctrination and war crimes at the highest levels of society.

So, it is with that backdrop that we need to understand (in average person terms) what was learned on Day Two of Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium, so we can share this information far and wide and relentlessly bring it to the attention of our state legislators because the deleted computer files shown at Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium should be the starting point for conducting immediate full forensic audits in all 50 states, now that just about everybody knows that all computers are vulnerable to hacking and it appears as though every State in our Nation was affected by multiple, coordinated irregularities before, during and after the November 2020 election that must be fully, forensically investigated.

Day Two – Recap 1 – Delivery and Data

It was difficult for many of us at the Cyber Symposium to understand the oft times cryptic messaging and strange hieroglyphic-looking data that was presented in the early afternoon of Day Two, which started with a second mega-screen having been placed off to the right side of the main stage with its own mega screen. So there were two huge projection screens that we were able to watch simultaneously.

Mike Lindell came on stage cryptically mentioning red teams, raided offices, mysterious data, complications, scary situations, “they” were just doing their job, then fear was instilled.

Who were they? What was their job? Really, what was going on here?

We certainly could understand when Mr. Lindell then said: Where does it end, when you can attack people for no reason, they didn’t do anything other than they wanted to help out this country.  It’s gotta stop now.” 

Then more cryptics, as Mike Lindell continued in his now famous presentation style: “I’m back there; I’m back there and they were going No. There’s people back there saying No, you shouldn’t go on; you shouldn’t go on, but they are coming on.  There’s millions and millions of people watching from around the world.”  I said (Mike said): “This is your protection. If everybody knows, they’re gonna do it.”

Then more understandable dialogue …

To a standing ovation Mr. Lindell said:  You can’t count on being protected by the law anymore.  You cannot count on it. They take you to … they take you to court. They take you to court and sue you like Dominion and put fear into the people.  This is horrible what’s going on. It’s gotta stop now.  It’s gotta stop now.”

Then more cryptics:  “These are politicians. What you are going to hear, I believe it involves a secretary of state. It involves the state of Colorado.  So, you are going to see, they are coming on, but I just wanted to tell you I sat back there and I said No you need to come on.  Your protection is that everybody’s gotta hear it. It’s kinda like one of those things, it’s too late to close the gate; the cows are out of the barn.  You know. And you know what we didn’t have that before, like My Pillow, when I put it out as an infomercial it went big right away because it was on all the media right? Well, here, anything we put out, I told them in the back, whenever they did this, wherever they do this, it will get suppressed in the news … you will be fearful of getting sued or something.  That’s what it is.  Or fear of worse … of worse. This has been going on since the election in this country … threats.  You know Dominion doesn’t just take people to court … you get threatening letters from them.  The first letter I got from them sounded like a Mafia letter I used to get back in the day when I owed football bets to the Mafia … Stop talking or else. It wasn’t, it wasn’t … or we’re gonna sue you. I go … Or else what? But they are getting ready. They are talking; getting ready … and, you guys ready?”


So it was with this sometimes-cryptic and sometimes-understandable dialogue that the stage was set for the afternoon that led reporter Alica Powe to conclude: The hundreds in attendance of the event and millions watching online walked away from the long-awaited Cyber Symposium empty-handed and confused following the presentation, yet waiting for more.”

Oh contraire.

Although it was difficult to comprehend the presentation in real time, and it is being suppressed in the news, there is so much more to this story that there’s no way to “walk away empty-handed” if you take the time to walk down this true-crime trail … and you will see that it was not Peters or Knisley who committed the crime.

Dr. Douglas Frank and a young cyber-security-type man named Mark (who identified himself as being from Colorado) were on stage. The second mega screen that was brought in showed a man named Ron Watkins (who goes by the code name Code Monkey). Ron’s computer screen was being shown on the first mega screen that was on the stage behind Dr. Frank and Mark. 

Ron was comparing two computer data files side by side – one file was from an image that was taken prior to a so-called election software update conducted by a Dominion Voting Systems employee on May 25, 2021 and the second image was of the same set of files taken after the May 25th software update.

After about 25 minutes into the presentation, Ron pointed out that before the May 25th update there was a folder called LOGS, after the “update” the LOGS folder was missing. 

We all saw it. In fact I took a picture of it. That is the picture included with this commentary. 

On the left side of my picture I have circled in red the highlighted file named LOGS that is found just above another file named OFM. That’s the before-the-update forensic image. Then if you look at the corresponding column (basically in the middle of the picture) you will see that I have circled in red the OFM file, which is still there, but the LOGS file that should be just above the OFM file has been removed.

Dr. Frank explains the data screens showing LOGS file pre-update and missing LOGS file post-update
August 11, 2021 – Cyber Symposium, Sioux Falls, SD

From the stage, Dr. Frank explained that three years of log files disappeared – “those log files record all access to the machine through the web server that is running on that machine and there was no reason to delete those files other than so that no one could ever see what is in them.”

At this point, Dr. Frank said, “At a minimum you just showed evidence that when the software update was performed all the log files were deleted. You just proved that. That already is forensic evidence right there. BOOM”

Shortly after that, Ron said “I am not a Windows Admin.” Who knew what he meant? I didn’t … but my IT geek friend, Alex Larner (who was at home in Michigan watching the Cyber Symposium), knew what he meant, which led to an interesting series of events that will be detailed in my next commentary.

From the stage, Mark said, “Why on earth would a company like Dominion go in there and purposefully delete data that are the records that are the duty of the clerk or county officials to preserve that data?”

Dr. Frank “and especially the logs; That’s why the logs are so important – they say on this day at this time this computer connected to this computer and did this …”

Mark replied, “IF there were any intrusion or malfeasance that would be right there and now that evidence is gone.”

As Ron continued scrolling through the date files, it was discovered that the May 25th update deleted all the SQL* databases for all previous elections that were on the computer prior to that date. The plot thickened. Why were these old files there in the first place? I thought election related data was to legally be deleted 22 months after an election. Maybe the Colorado state legislators should seek answers to these questions (I won’t hold my breath, as the saying goes).

*SQL = Structured Query Language is defined at this IBM website linked here

Mark then gave us a summary of what had already been discovered.  This is what he said:

  • They found evidence of connections from some other computers to the election management server. (He said that they haven’t determined which “other computers” yet, but this certainly requires much more investigation).
  • They were pretty confident that we have seen deletion of a lot of files:  log files, database files, and who knows what else (He said that will take weeks to figure out).
  • There was code on the elections computer that dated back to 1997, to which he said he would be shocked if there were not vulnerabilities associated with that fact.

Mark then said “Dominion didn’t just delete the data, they wiped it completely off the server in the middle of what we are in the middle of.”

He was referred to the fact that we are in the middle of half of our nation being in turmoil over what they perceive to be the theft of our November 2020 election and the other half of our nation being clueless, or careless, or is doing everything they can to distort the facts, divert our attention, and to destroy what evidence might be available for us to get to the bottom of what has been coined “the crime of the century” by Mr. Mike Lindell.

But Dr. Frank and Mark both confirmed that these forensic images cannot be altered and will probably become evidence. 

I would think that would be evidence, if we still have an uncompromised court of law that has the courage to really take this case, or if we can convince enough courageous state legislators to initiate full forensic audits in all 50 states, because it is becoming increasingly clear that federal and state laws were broken, to which Dr. David Clements later said at the Symposium, “You cannot force the results of the November 3rd election upon the American people.”

It is up to you and me to keep up the pressure.  

OH, by the way, the promised packet captures (p-caps) were hacked prior to the Cyber Symposium, so they could not be presented … yet.

May God protect the men and women who are seeking to bring truth to light.

My next commentary – Day Two Recap 2 – will continue by exploring the data delivered to Code Monkey from my IT geek friend Alex Larner. It might be called: The Helpful Side of Technology. It’s an incredible story.

Stay tuned, stay active, stay strong and stay with Election Integrity Fund & Force!


DISCLAIMER:  The above observations solely represent my personal opinions and do not reflect the opinions of other Board members or Directors of the Election Integrity Fund & Force. It is my personal opinion that non-partisanship does not require private American citizens to park their opinions outside the arena of ideas.

Janice Daniels

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