How Much Is Your Vote Worth to You?

How Much Is Your Vote Worth to You?

In a series of reports issued by the Election Integrity Force (EIF), an increasingly disturbing set of facts … not speculations, not suppositions, not opinions, but facts have been compiled, analyzed and documented that there exists extreme vulnerabilities in Michigan’s official record of qualified voter files (appropriately called the Qualified Voter File – the QVF).

EIF calls these reports the Critical Analysis of November 2020 Elections in Michigan.

In the first report, EIF data gurus looked at the voting histories of our state public functionaries (commonly called state legislators).

What was detailed in this report is that three of Michigan’s state legislators votes were not recorded as having been cast in the November 2020 election. All three commonly called legislators were from the Republican Party.

The overarching question that is yet to be answered is “Was their vote actually counted?”

One of the three men contacted his local clerk who assured him that in fact his vote was counted. If that one phone call to one clerk is to be taken as the definitively truthful answer then a couple of other questions should be raised.

How can this clerk be sure that an unrecorded vote was actually counted? How did that clerk come to the conclusion that an unrecorded vote was counted? What database was used to determine that the official record is inaccurate? What is to be done about this serious discrepancy between the clerks reported word and the official reporting of the election results?

Report 1 continues by exposing the disturbingly inexplicable and potentially inaccurate voting history records of a total of 23 state legislators (more accurately known as “public functionaries”).

The second EIF report examines the current governor of Michigan’s corrupted voting history.

The December 2020 version of the Qualified Voter File shows that Gretchen Whitmer did not vote in the 2018, 2016, 2014 and the 2012 elections.

However the April 2021 version of the same official Qualified Voter File record shows that Gretchen Whitmer’s voting history was somehow amended to show that she did in fact vote In-Person in the 2012, 2014 and the 2018 elections and that she voted Absentee in the 2016 election.

The question that screams out with this revised Qualified Voter File history is “Why was a static historical official record of Michigan’s elected executive department head’s voting history for the past four election cycles amended in the four month period that followed one of the most hotly contested presidential elections in United States history?”

Report 2 continues by exposing the disturbingly inexplicable, potentially inaccurate voting history records of the people who plan on being chosen as the candidate who will run against Michigan’s elected executive department head in the upcoming gubernatorial election in November of 2022, records that in many cases were also amended between the dates of December of 2020 and April of 2021.

Election Integrity Force’s third report examined 131 precincts across Michigan where at least 55,132 Michigan voters had votes that were not reported in a timely manner to the Qualified Voter File (a late vote) or may not have been reported at all (a lost vote).

These “late or lost vote” anomalies were detected in 57 of Michigan’s 83 counties.

It is also interesting to note that usurper Joe Biden only allegedly won 11 of the 83 counties in Michigan which might suggest that the Article IV, Section 4 constitutional mandate that every State is guaranteed a republican form of government has been overtaken by democratic mob rule.

Report 4 documents that our research/canvass team has uncovered indisputable verification that 3,999,075 voter history records appear to have gone missing from the 01/01/2021 Michigan Qualified Voter File (the QVF) that were then added to the 04/01/2021 version of the same official record (the QVF) with no significant elections in between those two dates.

Why would this be, and where do we stand in May of 2022, over 19 months after evidence supports that our country was taken over in an election coup d’etat, because it seems that no matter what evidence is discovered and brought to the attention of the American people, no matter where, by whom, or in what manner the extensive research or expert analysis is brought to the forefront, every single player in every single government office or agency or department, and the complicit media that supports their narrative, continues to bob and weave around all the issues, never seeming to rebut or challenge the evidence but always finding a way to divert attention away from and/or actively misrepresent the facts?

Just how much evidence of corruption is going to have to be revealed, in how many States across this nation, before We the People find our courage to stand upon the truths that are codified in the founding documents of this great Republic that demand that our liberty, safety and happiness be defended and protected by the very people who have taken an Oath to do just that and by the media people who hold the mantle of protecting the American people through a free press?

And so I ask again: “How Much Is Your Vote Worth To You?”

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