Decertification of the Michigan November 2020 Election - Call for Volunteers

Decertification of the Michigan November 2020 Election - Call for Volunteers

The team at Election Integrity Force has reviewed the project for Decertification of the Michigan November 2020 Election and our assessment is that this is a valid, credible, legal endeavor to actually decertify that fake election through a lawful, Constitutional avenue. Therefore, we support this project.

Feel free to review this project and their ongoing efforts at:

The team is preparing to start collecting signatures for a legal petition to decertify the Michigan November 2020 Election THIS WEEK!

They still need community leaders and volunteers to help with this massive undertaking. They need about 2,000 volunteers if they are going to get the 340K signatures that they need.

Volunteers will be trained and provided with petitions and support - it's actually a very easy job. If 2,000 volunteers get 200 signatures a piece, than that is more than the 340K signatures they need!!

You can sign up at:

If you have other talents you want to donate, please email them on the "Contact" section of their website.

Signing up for their newsletter will enable the reception of ongoing updates on their petition drive to restore a duly elected President to his office!

This is a very clear path to overturning the fraudulent Michigan November 2020 Election and getting a duly elected President back into office!

They will be having Zoom meetings all week training their volunteers and putting the team together. Thank you for your willingness to help us save our precious nation and our home, Michigan! God Bless you all!

There are options to make donations to this project on their website, and of course we appreciate all donations made to Election Integrity Force in support of our ongoing efforts.

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