DAY ONE – Part One – A Series of Recaps – Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium (August 10, 11, 12th, 2021)

DAY ONE – Part One – A Series of Recaps – Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium (August 10, 11, 12th, 2021)

DAY ONE – Part One – 162 Million bots attacking the Cyber Symposium at one time!

It is not at all surprising that this Cyber Symposium, which could well be critical to the very survival of America as a constitutional Republic, was under cyber attack from the beginning.

Mike Lindell took the stage on Day One of the three-day Cyber Symposium shortly after 9 am CST and announced that his free speech platform at was under cyber attack. 

Only an IT geek could know what Mr. Lindell meant when he said that “They came at us with three different layers of attacks but we were prepared for four.”

I just so happened to have an IT geek friend with me. Here is his take on what happened:

There were bots attacking not only FrankSpeech but the underlying video platform that provided the video feed to FrankSpeech.

For example, Brannon Howse revealed on Investigator Doug Hagmann’s The Hagmann Report radio show that there were approximately 162 million bots attacking them at one time.”

Listen at around 55:56 to hear Howse describes the constant cyber attacks that were designed stop the Worldview Weekend television production stream of the Cyber Symposium.  

What is a “bot” you ask? 

Here is a link to a Norton web page that describes bots very effectively, but the short take away from this linked article is that bots are “Internet robots” that “often come in the form of malware. Malware bots are used to gain total control over a computer.”

My IT geek friend said, “Of course, we do not have access to that revealed information, but Brannon Howse does, and being as it is Brannon Howse and his IT business partner (R. J. Johnson) who do have access to this data, we expect that the data will be made available to the public at some point in the near future.”

I would add that this cyber attack data will, no doubt, be verified, re-verified, confirmed, and re-confirmed before it is made public and yet it will be attacked immediately and relentlessly by the compromised media dedicated to the destruction of our American Republic.

It must be noted that Howse’s platform operations ( are situated in Israel.  You can confirm this fact at the article linked here:

See Paragraph 2 that reads as follows; ”This is the second video in one week that YouTube has removed. This, my friends, is EXACTLY why we launched WVW Broadcast Network in June of 2006. This is why we have our streaming servers in Israel and NOT the United States of America.”

It was also early on in Day One of the Cyber Symposium when Mike Lindell announced that Israel was experiencing a cyber attack on that very day, August 10, 2021, most likely originating in communist China.  Go figure.

This, of course, is not the first time China is suspected of cyber attacking Israel, as you can read about here:


Mike Lindell also said that “the Dominion voting machines – in fact all of the voting machines – need to be melted down and made into prison bars to hold these criminals accountable for what is the biggest cover up of the greatest crime in the history of our country.”

MY OBSERVATION:  The American people really should turn off their televisions and turn their radios on to stations playing only soothing music because we have, as a nation, been deceived into thinking that we must “Follow the News.” 

We could say, in other words, that we must “Drink the Hemlock” because we are just as surely paralyzing ourselves, setting ourselves up for the slaughter, as willingly as Socrates went to his death – but Socrates chose to drink the hemlock (which was to die by internal paralysis) so that he could remain true to his principles of Athenian democracy.  He willingly faced death over tyranny. 

Americans seem to be unwittingly “following the news” (drinking the hemlock) to their detriment, because they appear to have lost sight of their principles and seem to be unwilling to fight for the small-r republicanism guaranteed to each State in this great nation that we call home. WE CANNOT CONTINUE TO LET THIS HAPPEN.

NOTE:  Here is a link to a great “take” on the Socrates story called “Why Did Socrates Drink Poison and Commit Suicide?”

Ladies and Gentlemen, Moms and Dads, Brothers and Sisters, “Turn off your TVs, turn off your radios, pick up a book, open up your copy of the U.S. Constitution and start learning about the fascinating history of our Western Civilization and our uniquely American form of self-government … so that we can keep it (thank you Ben Franklin).”

On August 17, 2021, Mike Lindell posted the following video under a series called The Lindell Report: Mike Lindell on the Sabotage of the Cyber Symposium in which he names the names of both heroes and villains in this great mystery of our times.  It is well worth turning on the next time you feel a need to invest your time and energy on news that might really be important to the survival of this country.

More of the important information surrounding this election attack on America can be found in Col. Phil Waldron’s explosive video that was played over and over again at the Cyber Symposium.  

This will be the subject of my next commentary called Day One: Your Wake Up Call.

Stay tuned, stay engaged and JOIN THE FORCE ….

DISCLAIMER:  The above observations solely represent my personal opinions and do not reflect the opinions of other Board members or Directors of the Election Integrity Force. It is my personal opinion that non-partisanship does not require private American citizens to park their opinions outside the arena of ideas.

 Janice Daniels

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