Barry County Sheriff Dar Leaf Files Election Lawsuit Against Crooked Michigan Government!!

Barry County Sheriff Dar Leaf Files Election Lawsuit Against Crooked Michigan Government!!

On June 3, 2022, Sheriff Dar Leaf for Barry County filed a legal complaint against the Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, and even the Michigan State Police!

The complaint seems to indicate that the defendants have been abusing their offices to interfere with the Sheriff’s investigation into fraud and criminal activity related to the November 2020 Election, such as harassing the Sheriff’s deputies, and confiscating documents and media related to the investigation.

This is seriously disgusting, what is wrong with these sick people holding some of the highest government offices in the entire state of Michigan? They have no respect for the law, or for their oaths of office!

From the lawsuit:

“86. Defendants, without authority, have encroached upon Plaintiff’s duties by obstructing and interfering with his lawful investigation, obstructing justice in the process, and covering up evidence and crimes, including those that they themselves were involved in and conspired with others to commit.”

Is this statement actually claiming that the defendants including the Secretary of State, Attorney General, and even the Michigan State Police were involved in crimes related to election fraud? Wow!

Fight all the way Sheriff!! Lay the smackdown against the incredible election corruption in Michigan!!

Election Integrity Force and the citizens of Michigan stand with you against this corruption 100%!!


All donations to the Election Integrity Force will be efficiently utilized for these purposes

  • Building mass awareness on systemic election fraud
  • Driving forward the legal processes for full 100% forensic audits of fraudulent elections
  • Canvassing legislators
  • Analysis of election data for detection of fraud
  • Driving forward the processes for decertification of fraudulent elections
  • Restoring rightfully elected office holders into office
  • Exposing corruption and fraud in elections
  • Additional election integrity efforts

Making transparent and trusted elections a reality requires the development of an array of capabilities. There is so much to do on the ground, in the legislatures, and in the courts. It’s expensive, very expensive.  


 Every donation counts, no matter how small or how large. It’s taking thousands of us to make a difference…but it starts with YOU.

If you believe in elections by and for Americans, elections that are transparent and honest…contribute today!

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Great work Michigan! Thanks Barry County, Sheriff Dar Leaf. It is truly uplifting to see so many bright shining lights, taking back our country, one county, one precinct at a time. Here in Arkansas, country folks have lost their voice to the cities and towns, counties have lost their voice to the State and AR has lost its voice to the feds! Perhaps we are just stupid, smelly Walmart shoppers to give “them” our money to spend as they choose.
Keep your eye on the 2020 census as you clean up the voter rolls (remember Obama controlled the 2010 census).
We have got lots to clean up in Arkansas, Clintons were here.

May God bless us all.

Margie Chambers Irbe

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