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        Lights Out! Voter Roll Anomalies In 2020 Election in East Lansing MI

        1,936 Ineligible Votes Cast in E Lansing MI Nov 2020 Election

        What’s going on in East Lansing, Michigan? People voting from illegitimate addresses, people voting from closed-dorm addresses, deceased people voting? This report is packed full of “election anomalies” uncovered in a Michigan land mass of only 13.5 miles that could fill an entire banana republic. Check Out This Data!

        For users on a cellphone, please click this link for a PDF version of the report

        How Much Is Your Vote Worth to You?

        How Much Is Your Vote Worth to You?
        Just how much evidence of corruption is going to have to be revealed, in how many States across this nation, before We the People find our courage to stand upon the truths that are codified in the founding documents of this great Republic that demand that our liberty, safety and happiness be defended and protected by the very people who have taken an Oath to do just that and by the media people who hold the mantle of protecting the American people through a free press?

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